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A-1 Sports Indoor One Wall

OPEN 24/7

Long Island's premier indoor one-wall facility. Just ask the players!!  These are simply the best "official size" indoor courts ever built and meticulously maintained.  Excellent foot traction - Superior lighting, specially positioned so you are not blinded when looking up - Perfect Walls, floors and lines - More room around the courts then any other facility ever built - Each court is contained so you are not chasing your ball and the ball from other games are not interfering with yours.

Ping Pong is also available at no additional cost during peak hours.  Basketball is also available when handball/paddleball courts are not being used.


Our structure offers both "Open" and "Reserved" time, allowing for park style games and pre-organized group reservations.


The A-1 facility is located in a beautiful industrial park right next to Tanger Outlets in Deer Park and is easily accessible by both car and the LIRR.   Excellent, free parking right in front of the facility.


Snack Bar  available during peak hours.

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October - April

Peak  Hours

Monday-Friday 2PM-12AM

Saturday-Sunday 11AM-12AM

Off Peak Hours

Monday-Friday 12AM-2PM

Saturday-Sunday 12AM-11AM

May - September

Off Peak Hours

24 Hours, 7 Days A Week


A Door Code Is Needed To Enter The Facility During Off Peak Hours

24/7 Information & Rules

The First of Its Kind!  A-1 Indoor Courts Are Now Open 24/7.

Management will be at the facility during the “Peak” hours.  During "Off-Peak" hours players can use the facility but MUST have a door code.


There is a new keypad door lock installed on the entrance door.  During “Peak Hours” the door will be unlocked.  During “Off Peak Hours” the door will be locked.  Each player will need their own “Access Code” to enter the facility during  “Off Peak Hours”.


In order to receive your access code, text your full name and your street address to Jay at 516-480-3388, requesting an access code. This only has to be done once and should be done at least 24 hours prior to your first “Off Peak” visit. Once you receive your code, you can use the same code for all future visits.


Once Jay receives your request he will text you a document containing the rules and general information.  Once you have read, understand and agree to it, you have to text Jay stating that “you have read, understand and agree to all the rules”.  Once you do that, Jay will text you your access code.


This type of unprecedented access has never been offered but believe it's great for players on different schedules. I am extending an enormous amount of trust to each and everyone to be reliable and honest.

A facebook group called the "A-1 Players Alliance" has been set up that will make it easier to communicate with other players as to who's at the courts. I have already started to invite all my friends to join the group. If I accidentally missed you, please request an invite and I'll add you to the group. I will continue to come up with innovative ways to keep the A-1 Indoor Courts the leader in indoor handball and paddleball. Thanks again to all, Jay


Open Time

"Open-Time" Rate - $15.00/Day

"Open-Time" is basically like playing at the park using playground rules.  You show up to the courts alone or with a friend and basically call "next".  If you win, you hold the court.

 A-1 Player

 Rewards Program

Play 13 Times During

"Open-Time" &

Receive Your

14th Visit FREE!

During peak “open-time” periods, we maintain lists as to whom has “next" on each court, guaranteeing that nobody cuts and that you play when you are supposed to.

"Open-Times" are dependent on when courts are reserved and will vary.  The "Open-Time" rate enables you to play for 12 consecutive hours.

The courts are open 24/7 year round.. Check our Facebook page to stay updated about if/when courts might be reserved and tournaments we run throughout the year!

Reserve Time

"Reserve Rate" - $45.00/Hour

Reservations should made 24 hours before your start time. However, we will do our best to accommodate you if your request is made in less time. Cash payment is due upon arrival the day of your reservation. At least 24 hour notice required if canceling.


A-1 Will Supply A Can Of Paddleballs and/or Handballs To All Groups Reserving A Court For A Minimum Of 3 Hours.




This rate is available if your group prepays for your court time for the entire season.  When reserving at this rate your group has the flexibility to move around its reservation based on availability, within the same week providing it’s for the same amount of hours as the original reservation. 24 hours notice required to change reservation. If your group moves its reservation, there is no guarantee your group will get the old time slot back.

There are no refunds.  However, if for any reason the A-1 Courts are closed, a refund will gladly be given for the the length of time of your reservation at the $40.00 rate, or your group may choose another time slot, to replace the original one.

To Reserve A Court Call Us At (516) 480-3388

"Seasonal Discounted Rate" - $40.00/Hour


Season Starts: Saturday, October 14th 2017

Ends: Sunday, May 6th 2018

A-1 Annual "Open-Time" Pass: Starts 9/1/17 $750.00

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