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Since 2005 A-1 Sports has continually redefined the paddleball landscape by bringing to the market the most innovative forward thinking products. We are excited to introduce our new line of ultra lite paddles, “The A-1 Air”.  Essentially these paddles are all hand made with a perfect weight range from 290g-298g. (10.22oz.-10.51oz.)


All the “Air” paddles have a full face layer of 3K Carbon Fiber over a special density EVA core that provides extra power using minimal effort. They are hand finished in a high gloss lacquer.


The handle is the basic tradition style that are used on our classic line, a player favorite.  The thickness of the paddle is a full 20mm which give the paddle superior stability and improved power and feel considering it’s so light.


The “Air” line is available in a number of 3K Carbon (glitter wire) colors.  Regardless of color, the materials are the same and all the “Air” paddles should hit with the same consistency.


So choose your color and bring your game to the next level!



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